Investing in people and the community

The Maguire office gives a glimpse of what’s important to us. The walls are lined with professional photos of employees’ kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, which help reinforce the agency’s family-friendly culture. This culture is further evidenced by providing employees flex time, opportunities to work from home, and activities such as financial management and parenting seminars from which they personally benefit. We also encourage their professional growth as well through continuing education, industry accreditations and The Pillar Award, which recognizes our employees’ outstanding service.

There are also many Michael Birawer and Terrence Fogarty prints highlighting famous Twin Cities establishments and our local community. We support and participate in our local community through volunteer activities, financial and material contributions, and attendance at sporting events. Homeless, underprivileged children and families, and those fighting terminal illnesses and cancers have all benefitted from Maguire Agency and our employees’ donations of time, money and material items. Over 75% of our employees participate in the agency’s Matching Gifts Program. And as a participant in the Minnesota Keystone Program, Maguire Agency has donated 2% of its profits to nonprofits every year since 1999.